Case Studies

Tennant Company, Capital Equipment Sales – Case Study # 1

Jim attended Financial Firepower ™ and said, “Why would a plant manager want to talk with me?”  Armed with the right thought-provoking business questions and engaging diagrams, Jim had a four hour conversation with a plant manager essay writer resulting in a $ 90,000 equipment sale!  Jim’s traditional contact in facilities write my essay now management was all about price, not value.  Jim used the game changing Cash Stool ™  questioning process to talk real business with the plant manager and put a dollars and cents figure on his company’s value proposition! Jim’s firm sells the best janitorial equipment in the business.  And because it’s the best, it’s higher priced.  The sales force had been consistently beat up on price by traditional decision-makers such as purchasing and facilities management.  Until Financial Firepower ™ and the Cash Stool ™ changed the selling game.  Why talk with the ankle biters when you can have a thought-provoking, results-producing business conversation with the people who control the money?

MRO Sales – Case Study #2

With so many options for MRO, how do you break through the pack?  By getting to the plant manager and owner instead of purchasing or other price sensitive decision-makers.  Our client’s salespeople are getting business where they’ve been turned down for months or even years!  Why? Using Financial Firepower (TM) and the Cash Stool (TM) questioning process hooks their products and services to the customer’s do my essay cash position within 30 seconds!   They don’t even mention their catalog of products anymore until finding the customer’s pain points.  Then it’s all do my homework about solving those problems where the price of their products are a drop in the bucket compared to keeping the equipment up and running and gaining the incremental sale!

Eli Lilly – Case Study # 3

This global pharmaceutical company faces expiring patents on several block buster drugs.  Extending its reach with key alliances and acquisitions has positioned the firm for a bright future, but all associates need to be on the same page.  Winning the game of business takes a clear road map between daily business decisions and cash generation.  Excelerated Learning Systems has created a custom one-day business literacy workshop that has been attended by over 1000 key Lilly contributors in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  By the end of the session participants are armed with multiple ideas to improve the financial health of the company.  It’s all about the CASH — the Ultimate Weapon in Business!

A.O. Smith – Case Study # 4

A.O. Smith is on the move growing market share in water heaters, boilers, and water purification systems.  The firm faces goliath competitors and needs to make every business move count.  That’s why the firm partnered with Excelerated Learning Systems to paint a clear picture between everyday business decisions and financial health.  The learning curriculum begins with an on-line offering detailing the basics of a successful business and covers key cash drivers such as margin enhancement, working capital improvement, and the power of the incremental sale.  The on-line tool is accessed by salaried employees around the world, including China and India.  Follow up to the on-line learning comes in the form of three outstanding business simulations.  The first simulation teaches the basics of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.  The second advanced simulation is a real war games, hands-on battle, where teams of four compete to “take over the world”.   Finally a third simulation is used to solidify knowledge of intangible assets and growing market value.

A. Schulman – Case Study # 5

The CEO knew it was the bottom of the ninth inning.  Margins were eroding as buyers commoditized the company’s offering.  Cash had to be bolstered by cracking the treasure chest on the balance sheet and attacking working capital.  But how could he get his top 500 key contributors to even understand working capital and how to improve it?  That’s when he selected Excelerated Learning Systems to spread the gospel in the United States, France, and Belgium. A one day custom workshop including a hands-on business simulation helped Schulman improve working capital by over 100 million dollars.  Schulman then used this improved cash position to buy their competitor!  That’s asset management!  That’s how you turn workers into heroes!