• Transform Your Company with Excelerated Learning

    No other training program, advanced education or other expert can transform the financial picture of your company as quickly, easily and cost effectively as Excelerated Learning and Mike Trattner. Learn how Mike and Excelerated Learning can help every employee in your company find and unleash their Financial Firepower…..literally transforming company results and the bottom line.

    Excelerated Learning…..We Put the Earning In Learning.

  • One on One Training

    At every company there are key contributors who need training that fits into their busy schedule. One on One training allows Excelerated Learning and Mike Trattner to target in on your specific goals and the exact level of knowledge of the employee. This highly efficient training is perfect for the busy, executive level manager who needs that extra bit of insight that Mike can provide.

    Excelerated Learning. We Put the Earning In Learning!

  • Speaking Engagements

    Whether you have a large sales audience or other key internal contributors, you can create an army of employees who understand it’s not about the features and benefits of your products and services.  It’s about how your offering contributes to the improved financial health of your customer.  It’s about connecting your offering to revenue generation, asset management and cost reduction!

  • Webinars

    Webinars are a great way to keep your team current and perfect for employees located in remote locations who can not participate in on site training.  Call and see how we can schedule a webinar to fit your company and your team’s specific needs.


  • Self-Study Materials

    Partner with Excelerated Learning to create customized, market, company or purpose specific training tools.  Distribute to employees after training to keep them refreshed on the material and at the top of their game or create specific materials based on your employee needs or for remote employees who may not be available for training.  Whatever your need, Excelerated Learning wants to work with you to create materials to help your team find the hidden cash!

  • On Site Group Training and Financial Firepower

    Create an army of employees who understand the principles of The Cash Stool (TM).  Employees leave training with a true understanding of how to change the bottom line of the company and find the hidden cash.

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Who Are We?

Excelerated Learning’s unique style of teaching helps create a clear road map to cash generation for all employees.   Employees walk away from training knowing that they can be company heroes.  Clients of Excelerated Learning are thrilled with the results -  unbelievable improvement in cash flow, cost management and profitability.

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Our Services

  • Financial Firepower

    Create an army of salespeople who can connect your offering to the customer’s financial health. Then reap millions of dollars in incremental sales.

  • On Site Group Training

    Excelerated Learning’s work inspires every employee to be a financial hero.

  • One On One Training

    This highly efficient training is perfect for the busy, executive level manager who needs that extra bit of insight that only Mike Trattner can provide.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Whether you have a large audience, a company event or a small senior management meeting, Mike Trattner will motivate your group towards greater financial success.

  • Webinars

    Do you have a decentralized sales force or management team?  See how we can create a webinar to fit your specific needs.

  • Self Study Materials

    On-line, or on paper, ELS will create customized study guides of your key business processes and financial measures for a few dollars per person.

Client Testimonials

  • With almost 30 years of selling and sales training experience you can imagine my reaction upon being told that I needed to burn three days sitting in, of all things,...

    Bill Henderson Tennant Company

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  • It is difficult to properly communicate far reaching business goals, especially those financial in nature.  Employees need a baseof understanding and Mike has developed a perfect process to help improve...

    Mike Burdi Currently CFO, ECII

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