Excelerated Learning

For nearly 20 years Mike Trattner and Excelerated paper writer Learning have been helping employees all over the country find hidden cash.  Excelerated Learning’s unique style of teaching helps employees see their role in a difference light.  Employees walk essay writer away from training knowing that they can be company heroes.  Clients of Excelerated Learning are thrilled with the results –  unbelievable improvement in cash flow, cost management and profitability.  With an army of educated employees who now “get it” the success of the company is ensured. Employees create a better culture with increased profitability empowerment and engagement.  No wonder, customers love working with Mike Trattner and type my essay Excelerated Learning.

Excelerated Learning’s process is simple

  • We teach in simple to understand concepts that increase business and financial literacy. No complex accounting language, but rather every day terms that employees can grasp and then act upon positively.
  • Finance is demystified. We don’t over complicate, our expertise is in understanding your business and finding ways to connect your team to great results.

Excelerated Learning makes finance FUN

  • Mike Trattner is a dynamo.  He is an average guy with off the charts understanding on how to connect the dots between business success and the employee.  His speaking style is engaging, lively and fun.  Employees love to do my homework learn from him because he understands them, their problems and how to quickly help employees be heroes.

Excelerated Learning’s process is relevant

  • We show employees how to be a part of the solution
  • We show employees how they can become a hero
  • No complex concepts.  We get it so you can get it.

Excelerated Learning’s process is timely

  • Employees are busy, they don’t have time to be out of the office for long term schooling or advance degree programs.  We help employees get dangerous in record time.
  • The economy is tough; the difference between a company who makes it and does not is not just determined by the executive team and the board of directors, but by every employee in the company.  The sooner management realizes this, the sooner they will be on the road to increased financial health.

Excelerated Leaning’s outcome is critical

  • Every company must “find the hidden cash”.  Where is it hiding?  In wasted cost?  Untapped revenue or misused assets.  Mike helps to create a clear road map to increased cash flow and greater profitability.
  • Every employee can play a role in improving the bottom line, but not every employee has an education in finance or accounting, nor does every employee understand how to contribute to the financial health of a company.  With Mike Tratter and Excelerated Learning’s teachings, every employee will see how they can help pave the way to becoming a hero in finding hidden cash.