What Clients Say

Our sales reps are now better positioned ……

With almost 30 years of selling and sales training experience you can imagine my reaction upon being told that I needed to burn three days sitting in, of all things, a seminar on finance.  That’s right, I wasn’t exactly excited! Now with those three days behind me I can say with conviction that my initial response was unjustified.  Mike took a topic that is not only dry but is often foreign to sales reps and delivered solidly on two fronts; effective content and an engaging delivery. By focusing on their clients’ business outcomes I am confident that our sales reps are now better positioned to set themselves apart from the competition.  Not only will this help drive more cash into our business but it will also help our reps to elevate their relationships from simple providers of a product to true business partners. Regardless of tenure or experience I cannot envision a sales force that wouldn’t walk away from Mike’s training better equipped to improve their customer’s business.

Bill Henderson, Learning & Development, Tennant Company


Mike Trattner assisted us in scoring millions of dollars in incremental sales ……

Mike Trattner’s Financial Firepower program has assisted my Strategic Accounts team to score millions of dollars in incremental sales while achieving a substantial return on our investment with his firm.  Mike’s pragmatic approach gave my team the ammunition to call higher and wider, and once there, ask better business questions to connect our Tennant offering with the financial health of our largest customers.  It’s all about CASH – the Ultimate Weapon in Business, and Mike has helped us get more of it!  I would recommend the Financial Firepower ™ process without hesitation.

Lisa Blocher, Vice-President, Global Strategic Accounts, Tennant Company


This separates us from other suppliers …..

Turbo charging is an awesome tool to demonstrate real savings. The turbo charging concept is simple to use and effective in illustrating the savings we offer to a customer and I’ve had the chance to incorporate the concept into casual conversations with other customers. The Financial Firepower course covers material that is useful to move the conversation away from the normal technical nuts & bolts discussion — which are useless on high-level sales calls.  This is a tool that we can use to separate us from other suppliers. I highly recommend the course to any Account Manager calling direct on owners.

Scott Crabtree, Strategic Account Manager, Trane


Mike has developed a perfect tool to help improve the business literacy …..

I have been a long believer in open communication between the company and it’s employees. However, it is difficult to properly communicate far reaching business goals, especially those that are financial in nature. Employees need a base of understanding and Mike has developed a perfect tool to help improve the business literacy at all levels of the organization. I have used him in my last three businesses to help people understand what their company does to make money and how this translates into higher profits, higher pay, increased job security and a more empowered worker. The satisfaction rate was tremendous and people were truly engaged in the process. I will be calling Excelerated Learning Systems again to bring on new sites and to help reinforce a very positive and open organizational culture.

Mike Burdi, CFO, ECII


You inspired me to improve …..

Not only have you armed us with some great info on understanding financials and how to tie our offering into the customer but you also provide an enthusiastic sales coaching overtone that has helped to inspire me to improve myself, and of course my cash position!  I look forward to working further on my assignment and of course our next call.

Jay Behnken, National Accounts Team, Trane


The ‘Cash Stool” works !! …..

To be very blunt, the system of using the “Cash Stool” works! I have been with Applied since August 2011 and have used this technique of cold calling and have been successful with several accounts. We have been assigned with several “zero” accounts and this has been a successful tool in gaining useful relationships. Growth is the company goal, and I have used the tools gained in Financial Firepower to grow several accounts. Mike Trattner has been instrumental in coaching this technique. Thanks for helping me to succeed!

Chris Brys, Account Manager, Applied Industrial Technologies


The benefits are measurable……

Mike, I just wanted to drop you a note to say …. Thank You. Your program has given me another tool in the arsenal bag along with a whole new way to look at cold calling. The benefits are measurable. It was also eye opening to see what just 1 percent more in gross profit adds to the big picture. I have been to a lot of sales programs through the years, not to say they were not of value to me, but your program far exceeded my expectations. I have been selling for 26 years and now I have some new tools thanks to you, Mike. Again, thank you, and I hope our paths cross again.

Brad A. Rowe, Account Manager, Applied Industrial Technologies


The simulation workshops Mike delivers are highly engaging, practical and memorable …..

Mike Trattner has been working with A.O.Smith since 1998. Not only does he bring passion and energy to the workshops he delivers, he gets at the heart of what anyone in business needs to know —- the numbers and what drives them. Mike’s workshops are tailored  to each company and he is able to help participants see how they impact the profitability of the business and can take the action required to make a difference. The simulation workshops he delivers are highly engaging, practical and memorable. We have also engaged Mike to deliver custom workshops and a multi-module eLearning program; each time the delivery and results have been spot-on. If you are looking to not only engage your employees in the business and get results, but also want to work with a company that will truly be a partner with you in the process, I recommend Mike Trattner without hesitation.

Mark Petrarca, Sr. VP Human Resources and Public Affairs, A.O Smith


I have learned to shoot higher on all levels in a sales call presentation …..

I just wanted to send a short note to let you know that by taking this class on  Financial Firepower  I have learned to shoot higher on all levels in a sales call presentation. I always had the fear of asking for someone higher in the organization and this class has taught me to speak and understand their language. Thank you.

Pete Santos, Account Manager, Applied Industrial Technologies